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Make Your World Fit You!

From our photo album:
Some Amplestuff staffers, family, and friends, circa 1999

Amplestuff is a unique company which was established in 1988, before websites were a thing, to serve the needs of women and men who are much larger-than-average. Some of our products are plus-sized versions of items that are readily available to average size people—such as our XL clothes hangers, socks, hospital gowns, waist packs, or high-limit scales. We believe that no matter what your size, you deserve the best possible life right now. In fact, our company motto is “Make your world fit you!”

The owner of Amplestuff is Bill Fabrey, an innovator in developing products and programs to improve the lives and self-esteem of large people. Bill is a retired biomedical engineer, and uses his talents to find or design new products for big people. Bill has also been a leader in support and advocacy groups for large people, such as the Council on Size & Weight Discrimination (, which he helped to co-found in 1991, and the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (, which he founded in 1969, more than 50 years ago.

Bill is also a member of (Association for Size Diversity and Health), an international organization promoting HAES® principles (Health at Every Size) and has an inclusive membership from a wide variety of disciplines, such as psychotherapists, eating disorder specialists, social workers, nurses, dietitians, PhD's, and MD's.

As a small, family-owned company, Amplestuff prides itself on supplying top quality products and offering US-based customer service. Amplestuff employs a small staff of part-time specialists, at decent pay rates. We have heard from customers all over the world who have shared their personal stories and expressed their unique needs. Many products have been added to our catalog as a result of customer suggestions.

In Loving Memory
Amplestuff's Co-Founder
Nancy Summer

In Loving Memory
Part-time Amplestuff staffer
Eileen Maher

Nancy co-founded Amplestuff in 1988, with Bill, and she was the one who came up with the name of the company. Before Amplestuff, Nancy had been a head bookkeeper and then comptroller for a toy company in New York, and helped design the printed catalogs in the years 1988-2002. She also edited the Ample Shopper newsletter, which ran to 12 issues, and was distributed to all customers by postal mail, long before the Internet became popular. At one time, she served on the NAAFA Board of Directors, and was one of seven co-founders of the CSWD in 1991.

Eileen was a customer who joined the Amplestuff family in 2002 as a part-time bookkeeper, although she spoke with customers from time to time, and she did much of the creative effort on the last of our printed catalogs from 2002-2005. Many things that she did for the company survive her, including the bookkeeping program that she helped to set up.

Both women have been greatly missed by everyone who knew them.


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