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Ample-Sponge Travel Kits

Price: From $12.95 to $49.95

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Travel Kit:

Ample-Sponge Travel Kit – For those who would like to have a very small, discreet portable bag to hold an Ample-Sponge for use when traveling, or at the office or other public places, here is one way of doing it. The Travel Kit is similar to one we made many years ago, but is shorter in length. Our Travel Kit comes with the following:

A black vinyl zippered bag measuring 2-1/2" x 5" x 8" that can hold a 10" or 12" Two-Part Handle (and sponge head)
A Two-Part Handle (10" or 12") with a "Universal" sponge head
A blue washcloth and a plastic bag to keep it in
A one ounce industrial-grade absolutely spill-proof bottle for your favorite liquid soap
A two ounce version of the same thing
(These bottles are not sold in retail stores and are permissible sizes for air travel)
Several extra heavy duty plastic bags to hold small items

Order the kit with the length of Two-Part Handle you want, either 10" or 12". $49.95

For customers who already own a 10" or 12" Two-Part Handle and sponge heads:

Ample-Sponge Travel Kit (Bag and Accessories Only) – You supply the Two-Part or Three-Part handle and sponge head. Bag is not quite long enough for the 14" Two-Part handle, but the Three-Part Handles, sizes 16" and 18" fit fine because each of the three sections are shorter. $12.95

"Note: Customers who really wish a 14" handle in their bag can order the above "Bag and Accessories Only", plus a 10" Two-Part Handle, and a 4" extender. A longer bag is going to be introduced soon, that will fit more handle lengths, as well as the new Fixed-Head Sponge with handle. Those new sponges do not fit in the present bag.

Photo suggests the kinds of things that some customers might consider buying at pharmacies to carry in their Travel Kit. (Not all items shown would fit at the same time.) Note that they are not included in the kit when we ship it to you, and we are not specifically recommending any brand or item shown in the photo.

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