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Notice to Ample-Sponge Customers

Due to an interruption in the supply of sponge material from which we make Ample-Sponge refills, and our need to find a new supplier, the old-style sponge heads are not yet available. Currently, we are shipping packages of (2) of an interim design called a "Universal" head that is either blue or yellow in color, similar to our old-style, and is a standard size that can be trimmed to a smaller size with scissors by customers who prefer a narrower head. This head screws into the Ample-Sponge handles in the usual way.

Easy Reach for Cleansing Sensitive Areas

This is the product that got Amplestuff started in 1988: A sponge-on-a-handle that changed showering and other cleanup from a difficult experience into the pleasurable, effective one it should be. Nancy Summer, an Amplestuff co-founder, said, "I was upset when I realized that I couldn't reach every part of my body, but we did some research and found the Ample-Sponge (the original model with a wood handle). We also learned that many people of all sizes have reach problems, and that it's nothing to be embarrassed about. You just need the right tools." When the manufacturer discontinued it a few years later, we redesigned it to have a permanent, reusable handle, bought the assembly fixtures from them, and took over the production.

The Ample-Sponge is a soft sponge on a firm handle that extends your reach in the bath or shower. It's also a great "travel" item for people who want to freshen up while out of the house, or who have reach problems when using the toilet (when a bidet isn't available).

The Ample-Sponge consists of a 5/8 inch diameter PVC handle and replaceable, screw-in sponge heads. You can re-use the handle and just reorder new sponge heads as you need them. Longer and shorter handles are available. We also make compact two-part and three-part handles that unscrew and fit into smaller bags when traveling. Hand-made in USA by craftspeople in Woodstock, NY. Includes instructions.

Some notes about using the Ample-Sponge

Ample-Sponges are washable. With proper care, in daily use a sponge can last from one month to a year, depending on individual usage, the type of soap, and the water supply. Water supplies that are alkaline (rather than acidic) can degrade the sponge faster than a Ph. neutral water supply.

People use the Ample-Sponge for bathing, as a lotion applicator, or as an aid in cleanup after toileting. Some customers like to wrap a baby wipe around a narrow head and use it as a disposable wiper-on-a-stick.

Product Details

Ample-Sponge Starter Kit – Includes one 10" handle plus two "Universal" sponge heads, one of each color – $29.50

Ample-Sponge Deluxe Starter Kit – Includes one 10" handle, one 4" extender, plus three "Universal" sponge heads, one of one color, and two of the other color – $59.50

Order the following refills separately when you already have a handle, or you are ordering new handles.

Ample-Sponge "Universal" Head Refills – Refill sponge heads of the standard width. Order quantities of 2 (color blue, color yellow, or one of each). Can be trimmed to a narrower size.

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