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Welcome to Amplestuff Online's
Links and Resources Page!

Below is a short resource list for products and services for people of size. We will be updating this page as we gather more links, so check back often.

If you have a link or know of one you would like to submit for possible inclusion on this list, please feel free to contact us with the information.

Our Links policy: We provide links to other websites solely as a service to our customers, and not as part of formal “link exchange” programs or marketing agreements. While we do not specifically endorse any link included in the list, we do not knowingly include any link that discriminates against persons of size, or that specifically promotes controversial methods of weight loss, including dieting or surgery. We also do not link to sites that have little to offer the larger customer, or have a primary focus on social networking or dating services.

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Size Acceptance Links and other resources

ASDAH: Association for Size Diversity and Health: An international professional organization composed of members who are committed to the principles of Health At Every Size® — open to any individual whose employment or volunteer work promotes or is moving toward the promotion of the HAES® Principles. ASDAH has a newsletter, Yahoo listserv/email discussion group, as well as regional and national conferences. See website for other member benefits.

(Note: Health At Every Size is a registered trademark of the Association for Size Diversity and Health and used with permission.)

CSWD: Council on Size & Weight Discrimination: A not-for-profit group working to end all forms of discrimination based on weight, including medical discrimination. Lots of information and resources.

Directory of Resources for Large Size Women: An online directory of clothing, videos, books, magazines, organizations, and internet resources for large-sized women.

Gentle Yoga with Naomi: A site that promotes an approach to health and fitness using yoga (including a video and an audio cassette carried in Amplestuff's Video and Audio Tapes section). Site includes a new section on non-dieting weight management by lowering stress. The site that deals with the issues surrounding auto and truck seatbelt extenders. Can you get one for your car? What are your options? How activists are trying to get extenders made for every vehicle.

ISAA: International Size Acceptance Association: Promotes size acceptance and fights size discrimination through advocacy and activism. Website has press releases on current weight-related topics.

NAAFA: The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance: Founded in 1969 by Amplestuff’s proprietor, William J. Fabrey. A human rights organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for fat people. Holds an annual convention.

Plus Size Pregnancy Guide: Booklet and media about becoming pregnant and managing pregnancy while being a larger woman.

Plus-Size Pregnancy: Tips and healthy living for plus-sized women who are pregnant or who wish to be.

Plus Size Yellow Pages: Tips, tools, and techniques for healthy living.

SizeWise: Information and resources to help people live their lives fully, at any size. Resources include clothing, books, plus-size stars, as well as size politics and activism. Bicycles, Tricycles, Electric Bikes, Cycling Shorts and Jerseys, and more. For people up to 550 pounds.

Unusual hard-to-find resources worldwide

A listing of size-friendly healthcare professionals

Plus size clothing and fashion tips for women and men

This is a short list of some clothing and fashion resources. We offer these to save our customers search time. We are not affiliated with any of these companies or sites.

Magazines and eZines

BBW: Women's online fashion magazine for plus sizes.

Dimensions: The online forum for those who prefer the large figure and the people who attract them.

Radiance: The Magazine for Large Women, now an ezine providing support for women all sizes of large in living proud, full, active lives.

SSBBW Magazine: An online magazine for super size women (plus size women on the upper end of the size spectrum).

Art Work, Gifts and Other Stuff Functional gifts and art portraying people of size in a positive manner.

VoluptuArt: Art and gifts that say yes, my body is beautiful and good no matter what size, shape, age, color or gender.

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