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"Being Yourself" Art Print - Artwork

Price: $19.50
Item Number: 91-201


This beautiful 18" × 24" print of a colored-pencil drawing is an inspiring addition to a home, office, or school. Artist Sue Shanahan wanted to create something that would remind people of all ages that "they are acceptable regardless of size, color, race, or societal expectations." She felt the desire to draw this scene to her own life experiences as a larger woman.

You'll have to see a print to fully appreciate it. Print is supplied in a mailing tube and is suitable for framing. The art print makes an excellent gift for parents with children, especially girls—however, the print looks great no matter where it is displayed. The price of $19.50 makes it eligible for the reduced shipping and handling of $4.50, by First Class Mail, if that is all that you order, and you live in the U.S.


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