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Fixed-Head Sponge with Handle

Price: From $7.50 to $19.50

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These fixed head sponges come in three handle colors. There is no difference in heads.


The question always comes up:  The Ample-Sponges and handles are fairly expensive—isn't there any alternative? The answer is, not exactly. But we now carry an item that could be helpful for some people.

There are important differences between the Fixed-Head Sponge and the Ample-Sponge. The new Fixed-Head Sponge (with handle) is shown below, compared to an Ample-Sponge with a standard blue head and a 10 inch handle. The total length of the Fixed-Head Sponge is 11½ inches, while the total length of the Ample-Sponge shown is 13½ inches.



Fixed-Head Sponge


Made by Amplestuff by hand using craftspeople in Woodstock, NY

Made by machine in China

Available Lengths

Any length of handle from 8-36 inches, in 2-inch increments; two and three part handles are available to fit in very short travel bags.

One length, head and sponge, of 11½ inches

Choice of Sponge Heads

Three widths in two color choices (blue or yellow)

One width and color choice (multicolor). The width and shape of the sponge head can be trimmed by hand with scissors by an enterprising customer.

Efficient use of materials

Handles last for many years, and the heads are easily replaced.

When the head wears out, both it and the handle are discarded or recycled.

Curvature of the handle

Handles are straight; curved handles have not yet been introduced.

Handles are slightly curved; for some users, this could be helpful.

We suspect most customers will prefer to continue using the Ample-Sponge. There are some who might want to save money and can use the Fixed-Head Sponge, or prefer it for other reasons.


Some handle colors are not in stock from time to time. The manufacturer can only sell us assortments, so we often run out of purple, for example.

If you order a color (example: purple) and we are out of stock, we will substitute another color. If you have preferences about the handle color to be substituted, please indicate your second choice if your initial choice is unavailable, in the Comments field when you check out.

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