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Flow Control for Shower

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Shower Spray “Secret Weapon”

This under-appreciated device is a “secret weapon” to save on water and energy! It’s used at the shower spray handle to turn down the spray intensity while lathering up, or to adjust the spray intensity when sitting while showering. Easily installed, no tools needed.

You can also use one behind a conventional shower head.

There are two types: First, there is a deluxe solid-brass chrome-plated model (shown larger than actual size) for use with regular city water that has normal water pressure (50-80 psi).

We also carry a chrome-plastic model with a black valve handle (not shown), which is a special "low-pressure-drop" design for use with homes with well pumps, which have low water pressure (20-50 psi). It can also be used with city water. It has the advantage of allowing slightly increased water flow out of your shower head or hand-held shower spray (compared to using the solid-brass flow control) if you have low water pressure, and it also costs less than the solid-brass model.

Order the one you need based on whether you have city water or a well pump, and whether you prefer a metal or a plastic one.

Note that no flow control turns off the water completely; plumbing codes require that a trickle of water still flows, even when set in the minimum flow position. Water must be shut off from the hot and cold valves (or single combination valve) on the bathtub or shower, the way you normally do, at the end of your shower or bath.

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