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Fully Automatic Open-and-Close XXL Umbrellas

Price: $28.00

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Model (Sarah) is shown with her Rainbow XXL Umbrella
Price: $28.00


Price: $28.00


Price: $28.00

The average umbrella has a coverage of 36 inches across – not enough for a big person in a rainstorm. This great XXL "golf" or "family size" umbrella adds an extra 12 inches of coverage – to 48 inches across. And yet, it closes to around 14 inches for easy carrying and storing. The push-button fully automatic feature makes it possible to open or close this umbrella with just one hand – a real convenience when you're struggling to get into or out of a car or through a doorway with your hands full. We carry it in three colors/patterns. All handles have a loop for carrying. Umbrella is imported, but carries a U.S. Patent and a lifetime warranty.

Note:  These umbrellas are better than the model we used to carry, which was discontinued a few years ago. Both types are fully automatic open-and-close, but the new one is better because:

1) The push buttons are easier to use
2)  The Velcro-type closure strap is wider and holds the umbrella closed more securely when you aren't using it
3)  These umbrellas close to around 14 inches long; the old model only closed to 19 inches, which made it bulkier to carry.

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