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GP Hangers (Pkg of 6)

Price: $13.50
Item Number: 33-336

Our Best-Selling “GP” Hanger

This "general purpose" hanger is made of black plastic with a bright metal swivel hook. It measures a full 19" — at least 2" wider than the type usually sold in stores. Great for plus size shirts, sweaters, or dresses.

Most 19" hangers, when they are made at all, do not have the notches that will support a slip or engage with the hanger hugger accessory. Ours have the notches, which are shown in the photo.

Note that we used to also carry this hanger made of clear plastic, but the manufacturer has informed us that they are now special order only, they cost more, and cannot use recycled plastic, whereas the black ones can.

If you order these hangers, be sure to check out the non-slip Hanger Hugger accessory!


This item can only be economically shipped by ground.

Hangers cannot be shipped economically by air. If you order these hangers and specify second day air, next day air, or priority mail, we will ship them by ground and refund the appropriate portion of the S/H charges that were billed to your card that represented the air portion of the charge. Because of the size of the cartons that must be used to ship hangers, the air shipping charges from UPS or priority mail from the US Postal Service become comparable to, or even exceed the cost of the hangers themselves.

Because virtually all international mail is by air, it is expensive to ship hangers to destinations outside the U.S., more so these days due to high fuel surcharges for air transportation. Such orders cannot be economically shipped by ground to Canada or Mexico, either, due to high customs brokerage fees that apply to parcels that are not passing through the postal system. If you live outside the U.S. but wish to order hangers anyway, we will be happy to ship them by mail, but will need to follow up your regular order billing with a second invoice for an S/H surcharge, which may be comparable to the original S/H estimated from the chart, or the S/H that appears on your confirmation email.

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