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Heavy-Duty Bath Bench

Price: From $3.50 to $129.50

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This great bath bench is adjustable in height from 14" to 18", and is rated to 600 lbs. It has a comfortable molded plastic seat and reinforced legs. The seat measures about 20" wide by 12" deep, but a wider person can sit on it comfortably. The footprint (spacing of the rubber feet) is approximately 18" wide x 17" deep.

With frequent use, with age, and depending upon the weight of the people using the bath bench, the rubber feet can eventually wear out. We carry replacements. They are white, and come with a stainless-steel washer insert to make the foot last longer. Usually, it is best to replace all four feet at the same time. Order four if you want to replace all the feet. Simply select "Rubber Foot for Bath Benches" from the Product Options menu above.


This is a premium bench, but some assembly by the customer is required. Two small wrenches and a phillips screwdriver are included. Due to the reduction in the size of the carton that this makes possible, the bench can now be shipped by air, if necessary.

Why do we ship the bath bench in a plain brown carton?

All heavy-duty high weight-limit bath benches come from manufacturers in shipping cartons that are clearly marked what is inside, in big bold letters, and that it has a "600 lb weight limit."

We've been selling bath benches for many years, and several customers told us that they felt embarrassed to have the letter carrier (or their mother, or their neighbors) read the "600 lb weight limit" in big bold letters visible from across the street.

That's why we put the manufacturer's carton in a plain brown one that is slightly larger. It's a privacy thing!

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