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Illustration of a typical gown. Individual gown styling and pattern of fabric may vary.

Are you "sick" of those tiny paper exam gowns at the doctor's office? Tired of being "over-exposed" in the x-ray department? Are you worried about "coverage" during a hospital stay? All puns aside — those too-small gowns are no laughing matter. Not having a gown that fits can make an already unpleasant experience embarrassing and even more stressful. But we have the answer.

Many doctor's offices and hospitals don't stock extra-large examination gowns; some have a size 2X which fits people up to about 200-225 lbs. Our gowns fit just about everyone larger . . .

• Size 3X fits people whose largest measurement (either bust, waist, or hip) is smaller than 62". To fit into this one, your upper arm also needs to be less than 22" around.
• Size 5X is not currently available. If your largest measurement is bigger than 62" or your arm is more than 22" around, please order the size 8X or 10X.
• Size 8X fits people between 62" and 78" around, and with upper arms less than 35" around.
• Size 10X fits everyone larger than 75" around, and with upper arms less than 35" around.

In the above list of sizes, there is some overlap of measurements. Choose the size that will result in a looser or snugger fit, depending on your preference.

In healthcare settings, a gown that fits is a necessity for large women and men! Our gowns are long, typically reaching mid-calf on someone 5' 7". Some shorter people may wish to hem them to a preferred length.

Gowns are typically a blend of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. Unisex design; pattern of fabric is currently a very fine blue or tan pattern of lines or crosshatches, coupled with a pattern of blue or tan patterns not unlike those shown in the photo, but much smaller. They are not designed to be fashionable per se. Each color and pattern is unique to that particular size and sleeve type.

All gowns tie in the back, at the neck and around the waist.

Note: We used to also carry these same gown sizes in versions that had snap sleeves and some with telemetry pockets. We no longer carry them, as we have learned that any nurse can easily change intravenous connections, even with gowns that do not have snap sleeves; and that cardiac patients are routinely given a pouch to hang around the neck that will comfortably carry a telemetry transmitter, and they do not rely upon any pockets provided by a gown.

If you aren't sure of your largest measurement:

Choosing the right size gown depends upon knowing your largest measurement (either bust, waist, or hip). If you exceed the standard dressmaker's tape measure of 60" or if you don't have such a tape measure, and if you don't have the 96 inch / 244 cm tape measure we sell, you can still get your measurement using a long string or ribbon tied around you, taken off, and measured with a yardstick, ruler, or carpenter's tape measure.

Special Note:

For hospital stays of more than one day, our customers tell us that it is very helpful if you own more than one gown, so that a fresh one is available while others are being washed. For extended stays, as many as four gowns are recommended. Also--it is best if a close friend or family member remove used gowns for washing at home, as hospital laundry departments are notorious for losing patient-owned gowns.

Testimonials . . .

"I brought my own gown to the hospital with me and thank heaven I did . . . I was in for 11 days and it took them six days to order gowns to fit me! Thanks for getting the second gown to me so fast, so I had something to wear while my mom was washing the first one."
—J.T., Mass.

"Bringing my own gown that fits makes me feel self-sufficient and more in control during uncomfortable medical situations . . ."
—S.S., New York

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