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Leg Lifting Aids

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Due to age, arthritis, weight or disability, some folks have trouble lifting their legs into a car, van or truck. These handy semi-rigid straps can be very helpful. Good for other locations too, like bed, wheelchair, etc. Also good for foot stretching exercises.

There are two models — both have a loop at each end (one for your hand and one for your foot), and a rigid middle section. Both models are made in USA.

The standard model (shown in photo) has a spine of 19 inches, which fits into an overnight bag. Counting the loops, the total length is 35 inches. It has an non-rigid webbing at the foot loop, so some skill is needed in placing the loop over your foot. This is the popular model that we have been selling for several years.

The new, longer and stiffer model has a spine of 23 inches, too long for some suitcases. Counting the loops, the total length is 32 inches. This model has a semi-rigid reinforced webbing at the foot loop, which stays open until it is placed on the foot, ideal for those with limited foot control. The color is black.

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