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NEW! A lotion applicator with a longer handle that's ideal for applying lotion and medications to parts of the body you can't reach. The oval sponge pad measures 2¼ in. x 2½ in. and is mounted on an extra-long, sturdy 17 inch plastic handle, and it can be washed by hand or replaced. The handle is turquoise in color; the sponge pad is white. The handle is well-designed for good control of the sponge. We keep several applicators handy in our house, each for a separate lotion. We have been known to write the name of the family member and type of medication on the plastic head with a Sharpie pen, when several are in use at the same time. It is also possible to tie a short length of colored yarn on the handle to tell them apart.

Self-stick sponge pads are replaceable. Each lotion applicator comes with one pad attached. A box of replacement pads contain 2 pads. We suggest ordering a box of spare pads when you order a new applicator.

Note:  The backing material behind the adhesive on the replacement pads can be difficult to peel off for some people.  It takes some patience to “tease” the edge of the material with the sharp tip of a box cutter or razor blade.  This is another reason why it is a good idea to use more than one lotion applicator if you use more than one type of lotion, cream, or medication using the applicator—unless the pad can be easily washed with soap and water.


To customers who are still using our older model of lotion applicators:  We have been trying to obtain replacement pads for them, but the company that made them has been unresponsive, and may be out of business. We will keep trying. Meanwhile, if we owe you replacement pads from a previous order, we will automatically refund their value on any new order you place for the new applicators and pads, but we will also let you know later when and if the old pads become available again.

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