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September 28, 2010

Dear Amplestuff customer:

We are just following up on our newsletter we sent on Sept. 17. This is a reminder that the 10% off sale on everything (even 10% off Pambra's new, lower price), ends this Thursday night, in only three days. Here is the information about the sale:

Amplestuff Newsletter for the last two weeks of September

Pambra's are a great product and have lots of fans among women, especially in the summer. (Of course, these are good to wear the rest of the year as well, if you wear a bra and perspire freely or work in overheated conditions.) We even sell to actresses who work under stage lights! See this product on our website, or click on the picture below:

For the next two weeks, you can get an additional 10% off on Pambra's new, lower prices, and anything else in the catalog as well, if you order from now through September 30. That's our way of thanking you for purchasing from us in the past, and to encourage you to give Pambra's a try if you haven't done so before. (Gents take note—we haven't forgotten about you! That's one reason why we extended the special coupon to everything else we sell.)

To get the 10% off, make a note of your coupon code number, and type it in the space allowed during your online checkout, or give the code to our telephone representative who takes your order. (We are always happy to take phone orders.)

Your coupon code is valid from now until 11:59 PM, Thursday night, September 30. Your code is:


(Clicking on any link provided in this email should automatically apply the coupon to the purchase of any items you end up putting in your shopping cart. When you check out, if the discount has not been applied for some reason, please type the coupon code in the space provided.)

One other thing: Several months ago, we had to stop taking orders for the original Superhanger because the manufacturer had sold us the last of their inventory, and wasn't going to run them again for the next couple of years. However, they are going to produce Superhangers shortly just for us, in the colors black and white. If you are interested in this hanger, watch our website for it to be available again in several weeks, or send us a message that you would like to be automatically notified when we again stock the Superhangers.


Bill Fabrey, proprietor
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