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Ample Shopper Newsletter for June 2011

REMINDER — only four more days of the sale we told you about on June 16 . . .

June 16, 2011

Dear Amplestuff customer:

Now that weird, warm, and wet weather is upon us, it's time to focus on travel or weather-related products. Especially noteworthy is our new line of fully automatic open-and-close XXL umbrellas. Here are six different models to suit any taste—and they are large enough to keep a big person dry. They have a lifetime warranty, although I don't think golf-ball-size hail is covered! And, because the travel season is upon us, we also want to again focus on our Fanny Packs, suitable for any waist size.

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Next, air travelers may want to carry their own seatbelt extenders. We have top-quality FAA-certified Longer Seatbelt Extenders for most airlines—maybe that will help you on your next vacation trip! Just in case you want to bring a new book to read on your trip, why not consider Taking a Different Path by Amplestuff customer Sally J. Liddick. You can read it at home just as well!

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Finally, we'd also like to feature the Pambra's Bra Liners, since the heat of summer is upon us! That also goes for our sturdy Portable Folding Chairs. These are top-quality director's-style chairs made in the U.S.

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From now until July 10, please take 11% off all of our prices, including these products. That's our way of thanking you for being our customer in the past, and staying on this mailing list!

To get the 11% discount off everything, make a note of your coupon code number, and type it in the space allowed during your online checkout, or give the code to our telephone representative who takes your order. (We are always happy to take phone orders.)

Your coupon code is valid from now until 11:59 PM, Eastern time, Sunday night, July 10. Your code is:


(Clicking on any link provided in this email should automatically apply the coupon to the purchase of any items you end up putting in your shopping cart. When you check out, if the discount has not been applied for some reason, please type the coupon code in the space provided.)


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