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Dear customer: Until that time, please take 10% off all our merchandise except books, videos, and art, and 15% off those prices. The discount will be applied automatically on any order you place until then!

—Bill Fabrey, Proprietor

Ample Shopper Newsletter for November 2011

November, 2011

Dear Amplestuff customer:

For years we have carried the Chair Dancing series of exercise videos, and they've been popular with many of our customers. Now, some new ones have been introduced that are even better—not just for persons of size, but everyone who would be more likely to exercise if they can do it while seated.

The best reason for buying these is to improve your fitness level—and that is exactly what they do, and make it fun, besides! Produced in USA.

Another kind of fitness: The kind having to do with sewing clothes so they fit right on you. If you can sew from patterns, the book Fit for Real People is a step-by-step guide to fitting patterns to people of all sizes and shapes, including plus and supersizes. Includes a fascinating chapter on the history of sizes. 256 pages.
Printed in USA.

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Another popular item has been this beautiful 18" × 24" print of a colored-pencil drawing is an inspiring addition to a home, office, or school. Artist Sue Shanahan wanted to create something that would remind people of all ages that "they are acceptable regardless of size, color, race, or societal expectations." She felt the desire to draw this scene to her own life experiences as a larger woman. Print is supplied in a mailing tube and is suitable for framing.
Printed in USA.

From now until December 7, please take 10% off all of our prices, and 15% off all videos, books and art. That's our way of thanking you for being our customer in the past, and staying on this mailing list!

To get the 10% discount off everything, make a note of your coupon code number, and type it in the space allowed during your online checkout, or give the code to our telephone representative who takes your order. (We are always happy to take phone orders.) The 15% off of the books and videos should come up automatically.

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Bill Fabrey, proprietor
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