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Ample Shopper Newsletter for December, 2014

December 11, 2014

Dear Amplestuff customer:

Happy holidays! We are offering 14% off the regular price on a lot of stuff, now through the end of the year!

Ranging in value from $25 to $200, you can gift anyone on your list who might appreciate the kinds of stuff we carry. An actual certificate can be priority mailed to the person you are giving it to, or it can emailed as an attachment, to save time. You will receive the same 14% discount as any other item in this month's offer, but the recipient can use the certificate for anything on our website. They will not be aware of the discount, or receive a copy of your invoice.

All kinds of foot-related items: sock intallers, leg lifters, socks, and shoe horns — including this new XL Travel Telescoping Shoe Horn. Get 14% off anything in this department.

We don't know how anyone gets through the day without using a reacher. The force of gravity pretty much causes a steady cascade of items to the floor. Here's a chance to get any reacher that we carry, for 14% off, and that also includes anything else in the Reaching Tools department.

This department includes fanny packs and umbrellas. Replace your worn out umbrella or use the fanny pack for travel. Fits any waist size. Get 14% off!

Here's a great item that we started carrying recently. Have you ever wanted to see some part of your body that is out of view — maybe a rash, a cut, or a skin blemish on the back of your elbow or knee or under your tummy? Get 14% off one of these illuminated mirrors, with adjustable LEDs!

Although we don't carry clothes per se (there are lots of clothing catalogs these days — "big and tall" for men, and "plus size" for women), all the wearables in this department (including the popular Pambra's bra liners) are 14% off for the next 20 days!

From now until New Year's Eve, please take 14% off our regular prices on any Amplestuff item in this promotion. That's our way of thanking you for being our customer in the past, and staying on this mailing list!

To get the discount on your order, make a note of your coupon code number, and type it in the space allowed during your online checkout, or give the code to our telephone representative who takes your order. (We are always happy to take phone orders.)

Your coupon code is valid from now until 11:59 PM, Eastern time, Wednesday night, December 31. Your code is:


Clicking on or any other link in this email will take you to our website, and should automatically apply the coupon to the purchase of any item you put in your shopping cart. When you check out, if the discount has not been applied for some reason, please type the coupon code in the space provided.

Price Protection: If you already ordered from us since December 1, please simply call or email us, and we will adjust the prices or give you a credit or refund, to reflect the discount you would have received if you had waited until you had received this newsletter. (This must be done manually by us, and we will need to hear from you to make it happen!)

Please note: The price that appears on your order will be shown after the discount is taken. The discount is not shown as a separate deduction.

Order Delays: Our policy is to try to ship new orders within 2-3 business days after receiving them. We often succeed, and have even shipped orders 10 minutes after receipt of order. However, when orders have been delayed, as they sometimes are, we have sometimes tried to make amends to the customer with free merchandise or refunding part of the shipping and handling.

If your order is delayed more than 10 business days for any reason, and we have not made special arrangements to get your approval in advance, you will have half of your shipping and handling automatically refunded back to your credit card or PayPal account, at the time of shipment, along with our apologies, at the same time that we send you the confirmation of shipping and tracking number.


Bill Fabrey, proprietor
Toll free (US or Canada): 866-486-1655
Phone: 845-679-3316
Fax: 845-679-1206

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