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AUG—SEPT: 12% Off!

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Amplestuff Logo

Ample Shopper Newsletter for Aug-Sept, 2021

August 24, 2021

Dear Amplestuff customer:

Only for the recipients of this email, we are offering 12% off the price off everything in all departments!

Also: Some customers have been ordering the new "Universal" sponge heads in blue. It is an interim design to keep us going until we can get pads made in the U.S. of good quality and price, so we can go back to making them the older way. This has been going on for two years.

The good news is that we can now also supply them in yellow. But we are still making limited quantities, so we have to offer the refill sponge heads only in packages of 2.

With the "Universal" heads, which are very similar to the old design, you need to cut it to the width you prefer with a pair of scissors. And yes, you can screw the heads into your old Ample-Sponge handles, which we still make!

Products featured include (but are not limited to) things like:


Keep your feet warm with Larger-Sized Socks for Extra-Wide Feet and Ample Ankles

Self-Examination Mirrors

See where you are applying lotion using the Lotion Applicator!

Lotion Applicator

Reaches almost everywhere! Good for mosquito bites (or repellant) or sun tan lotion!

Telescoping Tripod Stool

Comes in several heights ...

MiniMax Personal Fan

Perfect for power failures or travel

Pambra's Bra Liners

Great for the hot weather many of us will be experiencing!

From now until September 30, 2021, any order you place will have 12% off the price of the products. That's our way of thanking you for being our customer in the past, and staying on this mailing list!

To get the 12% discount, make a note of your coupon code number, and type it in the space allowed during your online checkout.

Your coupon code is valid from now until 11:59 PM, Eastern time, Thursday night, September 30, 2021. Your code is:


Clicking on or any other link in this email will take you to our website, and should automatically apply the 12% coupon to any items you put in your shopping cart. When you check out, if the discount has not been applied for some reason, please type the coupon code in the space provided. Please email us if you still have trouble.

US-Based Customer Service: If you need customer service, regardless of where you live, please write to us at, or call one of the phone numbers below—thanks!  Special note: Our telephone carrier has been wrestling with new anti-spam software to screen out bogus phone calls, so email is more reliable for us right now.


Bill Fabrey, proprietor
Toll free (US or Canada): 866-486-1655
Phone: 845-679-3316
Fax: 845-679-1206

"Helping Make Your World Fit You . . . Since 1988"


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