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MiniMax Personal Fan

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The MiniMax fan used to be available in black or white, but the manufacturer has discontinued the black model. Shown here is the fan running, and one where it is stopped, to show the finger-safe blade that makes a grille unnecessary, which provides more air but less noise!

The MiniMax personal fan is very powerful for its size, and works on batteries or AC or in a car (with the optional adapters). Don't confuse this with toy fans which don't stir up much of a breeze.

This fan has a continuously-variable speed control knob, and a "high range—OFF—low range" switch. Quiet and efficient, it has a 4½" finger-safe blade with no grille. The MiniMax runs up to 300 hours on batteries when used on the lowest speed setting. Perfect for office, home, and for travel. Fan folds down to only 5½" × 5½" × 3" when not in use. Wind direction can be tilted below horizontal to nearly straight up. Weighs two pounds with four D batteries (not included). The current design no longer turns the fan off after a few hours of operation, a battery-saving feature that many customers didn't like as it would turn the fan off before they had finished sleeping.

The lack of a grille is important for quiet and efficient operation. It is the opposite of fans with a plastic grille that make lots of noise, use lots of power, and don't blow much air!

For use on your nightstand, the MiniMax fan is ideal because the breeze can be directed at a low angle if desired. For traveling, the MiniMax is great because when the cover is closed, the controls are concealed, so the fan cannot accidentally turn on in your suitcase or handbag.

Battery-operated fans are especially good for patients who are hospitalized. There is nothing like being able to create a breeze when you are overheated and the nurse can do nothing to help you. Please note that you may not be able to bring an AC adapter to the hospital. Hospitals have electrical requirements that encourage battery use on almost everything.

All battery operated fans are great during power failures during summer months! Some customers keep several around the house, and a supply of extra D batteries for emergencies.

The MiniMax fan is many times more powerful than the Tiny Tornado II, which only uses one D-cell, and has no speed adjustment.

We recommend that you also order the AC adapter if at least part of the time you will be using the fan near an outlet, to save on batteries.

Plug your MiniMax into your 12 volt accessory "cigarette lighter" outlet with the optional car adapter and enjoy a quiet breeze in your car, especially if you have to turn the engine off for extended periods of idling to save gasoline!

An important advantage of this fan using D batteries is that in a prolonged electrical outage, when you can't use the AC adapter, you can use stockpiled D batteries.  Rival fans that must be recharged, are of no help when they reach the end of their charge.

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