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Pambra's Tummy Liners (pkg of 3)

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Do you perspire under your tummy?

Would you like to feel more comfortable?

New doctor-approved product helps!

Pambra's, the pioneer in bra liners, has come out with the original tummy liner, made in USA. Shell is 65% cotton/35% polyester, inside is 100% cotton. Our testers are very pleased with this new product. For best results, wash and dry the area under your tummy, and tuck in a clean tummy liner, and an undergarment over it. All liners are 3 inches wide, and come in several different lengths (see chart).

Size Chart

Measure up and under your tummy with a tape measure, string, or ribbon before ordering, in the crease or fold where you will be wearing the tummy liner. It should protrude a couple of extra inches on either side like the model in the photo below.

Please do not automatically order the largest size even if you believe you are a very large person.





20 inches long

150 - 300 lbs


24 inches long

250 - 400 lbs


28 inches long

350 - 500 lbs


32 inches long

450 - 600 lbs


36 inches long

above 500 lbs

Note: Your figure is unique—thus the need to measure, and not just order by the above weight ranges.

Since this is an intimate product, it is not returnable.

The tummy liners are supplied three in a package and are white. Unisex: For large women and men. Liners are machine washable on warm, tumble dry low, no bleach.

Model is wearing a Pambra's tummy liner, prior to putting on her panties.

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