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Do you resent the fact that in many stores, restaurants, malls, or other public places, not to mention the homes of friends and offices with waiting rooms, there are no chairs to accommodate you or someone you care about? Did you ever want to bring your own chair, but not had one that is portable? Have you ever wanted to buy a portable folding chair but found that the ones sold in stores are too small or too flimsy to sit on?

If you weigh more than 250 lbs, it helps to buy a chair that is weight-rated, and the rating should be higher than your actual weight. Most chairs manufactured today have no rating, but we will not carry such chairs.

When ordering a chair from a catalog or website, other things besides weight rating are important, too. For a chair with arms, it's helpful to know the smallest width in inches between armrests that you can sit in comfortably. It also helps to know your best seat height. If the chair you buy is too low, you might have trouble getting up off the chair. If it is too high, the seat can reduce the circulation in your legs by exerting pressure on the back of your thighs if your feet don't touch the floor!

We used to carry directors' chairs and lawn chairs, but the manufacturer closed up shop. But the Walkstool still fills an important need, and we sell lots of them.

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Telescoping Tripod Stool
Price: From $27.50 to $122.50
Telescoping Tripod Stool
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