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We know how difficult it is to find a reasonably-priced high-quality digital scale for home use that goes over 440 pounds.  Most scales don't even go over 330 pounds.  We had been looking for one for years.  Some of the 400 or 440 pound scales sold in stores are not of a particularly good quality, either.  For a long time, the cheapest scale we found in this weight range was about $500 to $600!

But we sell good scales that you can use even if you weigh more than 440 pounds (They are also good below that, so other, thinner family members can use it, too!).

At Amplestuff, we believe that nobody should obsess about the numbers on a scale, but if you want to know what you weigh, you should be able to find out easily, using these scales.

The 550 lb. digital scale was designed for personal use at home, as was the 700 lb. extra-wide platform scale.  They are both accurate to plus or minus 1% of the reading, or better, which in the case of a 500 lb reading, could be as much as a 5 lb error, which doesn't change much over time.  Neither scale was designed specifically for medical purposes, or for use in hospitals.  Such high-limit scales usually cost between $500 and $3000, beyond the reach of most individuals.  If you need to use scales for medical purposes, for very precise tracking of weight loss or gain, you may need to check with your physician before ordering any scales for use at home.

Here's a tip:  If you have no idea what you weigh, but feel that it could be a lot more than, say, 400 lbs, or if you have mobility issues, we suggest you consider the higher-limit 700 lb scale.  Having a wider platform, it is easier to step onto and off of, and if you weigh more than 550, you could not have used the smaller scale anyway.

If you have any questions or need further info about our scales, please e-mail us, or contact us to speak to Bill—our "resident engineer".

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