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Self-Examination Mirrors

Price: $27.50
Item Number: 11-102

Have you ever wanted to see some part of your body that is frustratingly out of view — maybe a rash, a cut, or a skin blemish on the back of your elbow or knee or under your tummy — and you tried a hand-held mirror but had trouble lighting the area of interest? Or maybe you needed a longer handle on the mirror?

Of course, some areas can't be seen by any mirror method — you almost need closed-circuit TV to see those spots! But for all those other areas, we now carry well-made illuminated self-examination mirrors. The light is provided by three LED's, using long-lasting CR2032 lithium batteries, and sturdy telescoping handles that adjust from 6 inches to 29 inches. A ball joint holds the mirror firmly at any angle for perfect viewing. The stainless-steel handle is strong yet lightweight. A rubber handgrip makes it easy to hold.

These mirrors are not toys — they are of industrial quality, and will give years of service. The mirror itself is 2x3 inches in size, and a unique feature is that the aim of the LED's is adjustable when the light is needed at unusual angles.

A pair of spare batteries is included.

If you have a family member who likes to do home repairs or work on the car, you'd better not let them get their hands on your mirror, if you want to keep it!

The 2x3 inch rectangular self-examination mirror
has aimable LED's


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