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Shoe Stretch

Price: $2.75
Item Number: 30-308

Shoes too tight? Try Shoe Stretch . . .

Whether you wear an A, B, E, or a triple W like some of our customers, you probably have a pair of shoes you'd love to wear if they didn't pinch in some places. Try Shoe Stretch. It can make many shoes comfortable to wear. Non-aerosol squeeze bottle contains either 3.5 oz. or 4 oz. of a weak solution of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, non-toxic to skin. For shoes with leather uppers or leather straps.

How to use: If you wear socks, put them on. Squirt some Shoe Stretch in the inside of one or both shoes in the area where it is the tightest. Then put one or both feet in plastic shopping bags, and then insert your feet in the shoe(s). Wear the shoe(s) for a little while, preferably walking around, making sure to flex the leather where it is tightest. The dual purpose of the plastic bags is to keep the Shoe Stretch from drying out your skin, and also to make it easier to insert your foot into the shoe(s) when they are wetted with the Shoe Stretch. Then take your shoes off and let them air out.

Note to Air Travelers: According to the US Transportation Security Administration, non-flammable liquids of less than 3 oz. are permitted in carry-on bags and larger sizes in luggage that is checked. Because of the bottle size, Shoe Stretch would not be allowed in carry-on bags, but it would be allowed in luggage that is checked. The shoe stretch formula is not flammable, but doesn't specifically say so on the bottle, so it is a possibility, however remote, that it might be removed from checked luggage if the inspector thought it could be flammable. Flammable liquids are prohibited from both carry-on and checked luggage. (We don't know what they do about nail-polish remover, which is very flammable.)

Some people get swollen feet when they travel by air, and need to use Shoe Stretch when they get to where they are going. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that it will still be in their checked luggage.

This product is made in the USA, Canada, or China.

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