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Shower Spray Handle Extender

Price: $29.50
Item Number: 15-169

Shower Spray Handle Extender adds about 8 inches to the length


For years we've received requests for this extender, but it didn't exist until now. An Amplestuff exclusive!

Perhaps you are someone who has trouble with the length of existing handles on the hand-held shower sprays, and are frustrated when you attempt to hold it by its hose, which doesn't work out well—hoses are not stiff, and holding it by the hose can damage the hose.

These extenders add about 8 inches to the handle, have a soft non-slip foam handle, and can be installed on any hand-held shower spray, including the two that we carry.

Each extender comes with a length of white teflon thread-sealing tape that is used where the shower spray screws into the extender. (No tape is needed at the other end, where the hose screws on.) Simple instructions are included.

Extender shown installed with the three-pattern deluxe shower spray, with an optional flow control as well. Note: Extender does not come with these items, but if you order a hand-held shower spray of either type, and an extender, and you would like us to ship them to you with the extender already installed on the spray, just ask us to do that in the comments when you are placing your order. We'll be happy to do that!

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