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Skin Cleansers

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Soap and water are great for cleaning skin, but sometimes plain soap isn't enough. Odors are usually caused by bacteria, which thrive in warm, moist places. The germicidal product we sell is called Povidone-Iodine Scrub, originally formulated as a generic version of Betadine Skin Cleanser, which is no longer available.

Use once a day or several times a week, in the shower or bath, in the groin, between folds of skin, under the arms—anywhere that bacteria tend to congregate. Leave on for three minutes, rinse, and stay fresh for hours! More helpful tips on using it are on a fact sheet that is included with each order.

This cleanser should not be confused with Betadine antiseptic, commonly sold in pharmacies, which doesn't have the word "cleanser" in its name, and which contains no soap or detergent for washing purposes. (It is mainly for wound treatment.) The Povidone-Iodine Scrub that we carry is an antiseptic skin preparation often used by healthcare professionals before handling patients. This scrub is not for wound care, but for washing up and elimination of bacteria on the surface of your skin. This scrub does not stain skin or clothing.

Note: Not for use on yeast infections. If you have reddened skin or other symptoms of a yeast infection that doesn't go away, discontinue use of this scrub, and see a dermatologist or other healthcare professional for treatment of a possible yeast infection.

The 2 oz. Travel-Size industrial-strength empty bottle is ideal for traveling; it has a rugged screw-on cap. We are selling these empty bottles because they are far stronger than empty bottles sold in stores. The last thing you want to happen during travel is for a bottle to open up in your suitcase or bag.

The 16 oz. bottle has a screw-on cap, with a dispenser spout, and is ideal for filling the 2 oz. bottle. You can also use the optional reusable pump you can order for it. The pump is a great convenience in the bath or shower.

(Hint: When traveling, if possible, don't put a 16 oz. bottle of the scrub in your suitcase. It could leak onto your clothes. The 2 oz. bottles are best for traveling. For a lengthy trip, you might consider bringing the 16 oz. bottle with you, with the original cap firmly in place, and the pump on the side, in a freezer-grade zip-lock bag. Or buy extra 2-oz bottles.)

Note to Air Travelers: According to the US Transportation Security Administration, non-flammable liquids of less than 3 oz. are permitted in carry-on bags and larger sizes in luggage that is checked. Therefore, it is OK to fly with the 2 oz. Travel-Size bottle in your carry-on bag, and the 16 oz. Scrub is OK to pack in your checked luggage.

Notes on shipping this product:  These days, due to ambiguous USPS postal regulations relating to shipping liquids, we avoid mailing this product at all. We only ship it by ground transportation, like UPS, which rules out orders from Alaska, Hawaii, or other US offshore destinations, or by air to any foreign country, including Canada or Mexico. It also does not qualify for the special First-Class shipping & handling rate for orders under $20.00, due to its weight AND its status as a liquid.


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