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Larger-Sized Socks
for Extra-Wide Feet
and Ample Ankles

"Finally! Socks that fit — even around the ankle! These socks are for me . . . "

That's what everyone in our Amplestuff testing crew said when they tried our Non-Binding Extra-Width Socks.

If you have trouble finding socks that fit your feet comfortably and don't cut into your ankles, then our Extra-Width Socks are for you. They have the added space around the foot and ankle, up to 20" around the top for the athletic sock, and up to 18" for the dress sock—with extra room at the toes—that just isn't found in other socks we've seen.

American-made from 100% cotton, these socks come in two styles: athletic (crew) and dress; and in black or white. For women and men.

Athletic socks are a "crew" style that have a heavier weave than the dress socks, and are popular in sports, or with anyone who wants a thicker, more absorbent sock. Dress socks have a lighter weave. Both styles are also good for use with medicinal or softening skin creams when coverage is needed.

All-cotton socks are well-known to be good at absorbing perspiration, and that's what we sell. Polypropylene socks are also absorbent, and cost less to make, but most of our customers prefer an all-natural fiber like cotton. Some sock enthusiasts compare our socks to those competitors that utilize polypropylene, and say that the polypro socks are very soft, and do wick moisture well, but are more likely to encourage skin problems like athlete's foot, or other yeast or fungal problems, for those who are vulnerable to such problems.

If your doctor has said that you have diabetes, and has advised you that you should wear socks without any dyes or colors that might irritate your feet, then you should consider ordering white socks.

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If you order 10 or more pairs of socks (mixed types, sizes, and colors are OK), 10% will be automatically deducted from the above prices when you place your order.

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