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Standard Blood Pressure Kit and Cuffs

Price: From $9.95 to $39.50

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Photo is of the standard blood pressure kit, the first item in the pulldown ordering menu. The other items on the menu are individual parts within the photo. Unless you order the kit, you will not receive all of the items in the photo.

Standard Blood Pressure Kit — This is a traditional type with stethoscope, pressure gauge, squeeze bulb, vinyl carrying case, and instructions. Instructions are important for anyone who has not taken blood pressure readings in the past. The kit also includes a standard-sized cuff for upper arms measuring from 10-14 inches* in circumference, intended for the average adult (or larger child). It is very easy to remove the standard-sized cuff and substitute any of the larger cuffs in the chart below.

*Please note that although the manufacturer states that the standard-sized cuff supplied with the kit is usable up to 16 inches, it is better to use a larger cuff for use with arms of more than 14 inches, for more accurate readings. We believe that a standard cuff may give erroneously high readings if used on an arm of more than 14 inches around.

Larger Accessory Cuffs — For upper arms measuring more than 14 inches around, you should order a larger cuff at the same time you order the kit. (Of course, you can also order cuffs by themselves, if you don't plan to use them yourself at home.) Most Amplestuff customers need sizes L or XL. Measure your upper arm with a cloth tape measure, or with a string or ribbon, and then measure the string or ribbon with a ruler or yardstick. Please refer to the following chart, and don't forget that cuffs are sold by themselves, and do not include a squeeze bulb and pressure gauge, which you may also wish to order.

Circumference of upper arm
at the largest point:

Order cuff size:

13 - 19 inches


17 - 26 inches


Note:  In the above chart, our size L cuff is known in the industry as a “large adult” cuff, and most doctor’s offices and clinics have at least one. Our size XL cuff is known in the industry as a “thigh” cuff, and has been badly named because 99% of the time it is used on arms, not thighs! Far too many doctor’s offices and clinics do not have one, or cannot find it in a hurry, for use on their patients who have arms greater than 19 inches around.

For those with upper arms that measure more than 26 inches in circumference, no cuffs are currently manufactured that are suitable. Other means are used with such patients, including forearm measurements and wrist monitors. Medical personnel are not happy with these methods, but most will use a large cuff on the patient’s forearm if necessary. It has been the experience of some Amplestuff customers and their doctors that a forearm measurement can be accurate and repeatable, to within 15 mm Hg, but of course, patients may vary. So if your upper arm is larger than 26 inches, but your forearm is between 13 and 19 inches, you can consider trying our size L cuff.


For use at home, all cuffs must be used with a standard blood pressure kit (or squeeze bulb and pressure gauge, as well as a stethoscope), sold separately. These cuffs will not work with a digital kit. The cuffs do not include a kit (or bulb and gauge). If you would like to have a kit (or bulb and gauge) to use with your cuff, please also order them when you order the cuff.

For use in the doctor's office or other healthcare setting, if your arm measures more than 17-19 inches around, it's a good idea to own a standard (non-digital) cuff that fits and to take it with you when visiting the doctor or other healthcare provider. They can often connect your cuff temporarily to their own instruments, but it is helpful if you also have your own squeeze bulb and pressure gauge connected to your cuff, so that they don't have to do anything involving their equipment.

*Note:  Please do not order any cuff without measuring your arm first. Don't assume that because you are a large person, you need the largest size cuff!


Our cuffs, like most, contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions in some people. We do not, at this time, offer a cuff, a kit or a squeeze bulb that is latex-free. Contact us if you are interested in locating such items. We can obtain them on special order.



Standard Blood Pressure Kit


BP Cuff, Cuff only, Size L - for arms 13-19 inches


BP Cuff, Cuff only, Size XL - for arms 17-26 inches




Squeeze Bulb and Pressure Gauge Only


Stethoscope Only



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