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Taking a Different Path - book

Price: $19.95
Item Number: 90-962

NEW:   Taking a Different Path by Sally J. Liddick is a fun-filled and inspiring book, for several reasons, only one of which has to do with her size. First, it's fun to read, describing the misadventures of two lifelong friends—Sally, and her childhood friend Gwen, who worked together as Sally started her company, Barkleigh Productions. Second, it shows how two plus-sized women, with their families, went about building Barkleigh, and never let their sizes stand in their way.

Third, the book is well-illustrated with historical photos of the company, the families, the dogs, their many travels, conferences and trade shows. Fourth, it is a refreshing inside look at how small businesses that fill a need can grow into viable companies—Barkleigh is STILL serving its customers, nine years longer than Amplestuff. And finally, there is a real taste of Americana here, as they travel here and abroad, promoting the company and having fun with their families. Liddick is a competent and interesting writer; the value of her book goes far beyond the specific industry that her company deals with. Perhaps you've never groomed a dog? I haven't, yet I enjoyed her book immensely.

          --Bill Fabrey

(It's worth noting that Barkleigh carries publications and products, and runs events for the dog grooming industry. It has been featured on the Discovery Channel with a pilot program called Extreme Poodles; and its events have been seen on numerous television programs, including The Today Show, Regis and Kelly, The Insider and more; as well as national publications such as People magazine.)

Barkleigh Management Group, 2010, 312 pages, countless illustrations.


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