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Telescoping Tripod Stool

Price: From $27.50 to $122.50

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XXL Walkstool shown closed for carrying (on small picnic cooler) and open, ready for use.
(Note the extra wide feet on all Walkstools now in stock in the image on the left.)

Weighing around 2 lbs, this radical new design is ideal for anyone who needs to sit down from time to time, and wants to have an easily carried stool under their arm or in their bag. This stool excels at being portable because of its small size and weight, but is surprisingly strong and durable. Its telescoping/locking legs cut its length in half for carrying.

Now you can take a walk, attend an outdoor event, or go to a shopping mall, airport, or bus station, and not have to worry about finding a place to sit down. Not much bigger or heavier than a folding umbrella, your XL or XXL Walkstool will open up some possible activities to you that previously were risky or impossible due to lack of available seating.

Don't confuse this with other tripod chairs. Boasting weight limits of 300-450 lbs, depending on model, and a much larger seat than a standard Swedish Walkstool, you can carry this chair for emergency seating in all kinds of situations.

The XL and XXL Walkstools are simply the biggest, the best, and the most portable tripod stools you can find anywhere. The seat measures 16-17 inches on each of its three sides. It is made of black nylon, and the legs are black-anodized industrial-strength aluminum. When the legs are telescoped and the XL or XXL Walkstool is folded up for carrying, it is only 15 – 19 inches long, and less than 4 inches across.

We carry two Walkstools, which are both made in Sweden: The XL (22") and XXL (26") “Comfort” models. You can identify XL and XXL Walkstools by the letters on a tag sewn to the seat, next to the Swedish flag; and by the model “Comfort” on the label. Both models have a small loop under the seat for hanging them from a hook, a backpack, or even a belt loop. They also come with a carrying case.

Specifications and Prices:
Height of Stool Weight Rating Price
26 inches 450 lbs $122.50
22 inches 400 lbs $117.50

Order by the height of the stool. It is best to order the highest one on which you can sit comfortably, in order to get the highest weight rating, and have the easiest time in sitting down and getting up afterward. Your bed may be the highest seat in your house—if you can sit on the edge comfortably, and rise to a standing position easily, then measure the height of your bed, and order the Walkstool that is closest to that height. Note that there is perhaps 2" sag in the seat webbing, so that if it is nominally 26" high, when you sit in it, the height becomes more like 24" in the center. Tripod stools, by their design, should be several inches higher than a conventional chair.

Please note: The best method of sitting on a Walkstool is to lower yourself onto the seat, as you back up to and straddle one of the three seat corners between your legs. In tests with customers weighing between 200 and 450 lbs, we determined that those who can't do this may have difficulty getting on this stool safely. A few people attempt to straddle one of the three seat corners but end up knocking the stool over behind them. However, most people who tried the stool were very happy with it.

The new Walkstool "Steady" is an accessory for the Walkstool tripod stool models that we sell. Photo shows one in use with a Walkstool.
If you order a "Steady" you will have to already own a Walkstool, or will need to order a Walkstool at the same time you order a "Steady."

NEW: The Walkstool "Steady" is not needed by all users, but can be especially helpful for those who often need to use their Walkstool on soft, sandy ground outdoors (such as hikers or hunters), or for people who are at the upper end of the weight range for the particular model of Walkstool, and would like to add an additional measure of stability and service life to their stool. The Steady comes with a small carrying case of its own.


Walkstool’s website has a great photo in which several stools are supporting a Volvo. They have published a weight limit of 550 lbs for the 26 inch stool, and 495 lbs for the 22 inch stool. Because we have had several customers who were somewhat below the weight limits, but experienced the bending of the legs so that they can't be telescoped any more, we deliberately publish a lower weight limit--450 lbs and 400 lbs, respectively. The worst-case scenario could occur if the stool collapses, and dumps its owner on the ground. (This has happened twice that we know of, but we have no way of verifying whether they had snapped all three red buttons in place properly prior to sitting on the stool.)

Since the time that we have had problems reported from customers, the manufacturer has said they have beefed up the legs a bit, but there is no way that we can be sure how that affects the actual weight limit.

One problem with weight limits is that they usually ignore the "plop factor”-- when most people sit on a chair, they don't lower themselves gently into it, and in fact, the moment of sitting is the hardest thing for a chair to withstand.

If you weigh more than the conservative weight limits that we have shown in the chart above, or if you think you will have trouble gently lowering yourself onto a tripod stool, we recommend that you NOT order a Walkstool—not from us, or anyone else.

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