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Tiny Tornado II Fan

Price: $20.50
Item Number: 38-380

This personal fan kicks up a nice breeze on one D-cell battery. It's not exactly of tornado-class, but if you had 100,000 of them, you'd be close. An alkaline battery will last 24 hours with this fan. Its finger-safe blade is quiet and efficient, unlike fans with grilles. It's just 4½ high, and comes with a suction cup base (which will just sit on a desk, table or nightstand, with or without use of the suction feature) and it has a clip for belts, backpacks, etc., or it can be hand-held if preferred. Has one speed only, and is made in Canada. A free name-brand D-cell battery has been added, so you can start using it right away.

(Those wanting a stronger breeze, adjustable speed, or optional AC or car adapters can take a look at the MiniMax fan.)

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